Tuesday, March 31, 2009

angry today

Walao a! U say didn't eat on the first recess will pengsan o!
Please lah! We all say how much time adi, eat ur breakfast then oni come to school
If u don't wan eat breakfast, then don't want come to school la, we'll be so happy
So fat adi then somemore want eat.

Then the bulletin board, when oni u all want to come out with something?
The green green bulletin board, see until tak tahan adi la!
It just like the padang beside our school la!
Then today just give a paper and ask us write something.
If so easy, why u all don't do early early?
Every time also say don't have time la!
Use the time to do the bulletin board but not to go dating la!
U noe, very very very 敷衍了事.
If like that, then don't do la!!!
Waste my time oni!
Actually my group will do it on April.
Then ur group 拖拖拖,now my group have to wait until May.
May got exam lor...
Just because we don't want do it during the exam, we choose the 4th group, then u all....
Please la, don't every time rampas orang punya barang la!

The ban fu hor...
also 拖拖拖, want us to wait until when?
Wait until it do habis, then the yun dong hui over adi lo!
Then still buy for wat?
Chaco, Chaco, every time her la...
Won't find another people a?
Hers so good meh?
I don't think so.
I will choose the kilang which do it not so nice also don't want choose the kilang which wan us wait so long.
Not nice oni a little bit ma! Still can wear la
Wait until ur ban fu come out hor...I think next year adi

Yong tauhu, u got bf then so big a...
May Syuen also got ma...
Hers earlier than u la...
Don't asyik thought u got 魅力,i think is 霉力 la...
Hope u and ur bf cepat cepat pisah la

Saturday, March 28, 2009

lol...it is a "good girl"

kai yun ...dun think urself is pro la...adui...
like tian tian said...like the poem that things that can make her show off herself then she will quickly take part...but wat bout our class t-shirt???that things she can't show off then she won't do....juz dun understand y ppl so in like with the fake of her....

Trisha....haha.hahahahahahaha...funny i can't stop myself laughing....
cry after she forget her script during the script competition....walao....u so "pro" still forget arr...
muz i cry for you???haha....hahahaha...that vilyn..adui...ur speaking is vry"pro"...
u know last time primary skul adui..evrytime take part , not even get a consulation prize....so sad...muz i cry for you too/??

tell what...everyone is "fake in heart and face"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"good luck"

ooo...2day is the english public speaking contest....2biatches take part....1 of it practise until like veri"pro"....omg....pls la....dun need so big action wan.....rupa-rupa she oso got took part in tis kind of speech competition before in primary skul....but no prize....hahax....although i m not veri pro in tis kind of competition....but i hope u "can" get the "prize".....hahahahahahax......omg.....cant imagine how the teacher will giv mark to u 2 biatches.....hahahahax

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

diuuuuuu !

That day after maths exam vilyn asked me how is it
then she say OK
but when the results came out she didnt even get an A
LMAO =.=
Come on la , just go and get a life
I HATE THEM... THOSE HATRED IS DEEP till it touches my bones....
I will slaughter them if i can... *sighz*

Btw .. LX ask to break-up because she say yi le tidak mengambil berat bout her
LOL what a fucking reason
how to mengambil berat when they want to keep it sooooo secret ?
she's brainless
faggot -.-
Her breast is so fake la ! why not just go to Giant and simply pick one singlet ? so cheap .. so small .. suitable for you la bitch without breast

Anyway, who hate kai yun ?
her bf write " 距离真的不是问题?" in his msn personal message . hahaha OF COZ THERE'S A BIG PROBLEM , he will see plenty of girls in his new environment , who will give a damn to look at this poor lil whore ?? zzz

Let's guess when they will break-up

I say within 1 month !

ooo....my dear holiday

haha.....holiday liao....dun need c the biatches....i luv holiday....haiz...the 2 kang le biatches...the ban fu until now oso no ani news....haiz....DISAPPOINTED LA.....no responsible wan.....TOO BAD....me feel ''bei ai'' to u 2 biatches.....if i c the ban fu is TEOH TA MA de....i think the ban fu already cum out n wear liao....if no heart to do kang le den dun do la....waste the place....n oso polluted the class.....hiaz....kui one of it is perfect....useless thing.....throw ur neck tie into the dustbin la....HOPE UR LOVE WILL END FASTER......everyday c u prented de yang zi so bu shuang.....look like biatches betul betul.....

Monday, March 16, 2009


No need to see the 3 biatches everyday
The 3 biatches,
I hope u all after holiday, then caught by 训导老师。
Then I will wish them "Gong Xi Fatt Choi"
Then go cut the hair until like shit
Then I will laugh at them
Especially ChingTaMaDe
Then take their photo and post on the website.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wah!so geng o~~

Wah,very geng o!
BM all got 81,82,83wo!
I was so 'proud' of them la.......
And then, just go chuan na!
Last year,that palia yong just get 80something,then already nangis,
mai ge ge la!thought you are very sheng xian 圣贤 me?
wo pei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
always just know how to cry
so 'xu wei'

last year,i just cry a little bit
they already talk about me

ma de! chou ji bai! kanasai! kick your mother old shoes la! kannimbu!
better their mouth be lan diao!

that zhuang ta ma de also lo~~
Junior 1 ,she just get 78 something in her mandarin
then already cry cry cry
and just blame us
mandarin also not good la
want high high marks don't come to hh la!
go to smk,the mandarin simple simple one,mesti boleh dapat 99 ma!!!

that lu ta ma de
last time volleyball competition
dun get number 1,
only know how to cry cry cry
sendiri pun tak tau how to play
then cannot win and blame other people

the basketball competition last year
if dun have xue bing
thought you are very geng nga?
all the prizes also dun belong to them
simply simply play
if they cannot win
then they will blame xuebinglo

the tian jing sai also
that palia ching also didn't practise at all
she just know how to show off
why don't see her be number1 in the competition?

this year tian jing sai
i donno we how to win